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A safe space to share stories and ask questions
27th-May-2007 05:02 pm - i'm not bipolar, i swear

*sighs* here i am again. ha ha tricked you! you thought you'd gotten rid of me.

I guess I have no real reason to be complaining. 

much <333 from -kat who recently found a reason to keep on going
and special thanks to EVERYONE who replied to my totally emo post.
much luv to everyone who has been knocked down and knows the'll b knocked down again but they get up anyways to try again

13th-May-2007 10:35 pm(no subject)
Hi All. I think this is my first time making a post here, Im not sure though.

Cut for talking about my rape and etcCollapse )
26th-Nov-2006 07:51 pm - Confrontations?
sara of the woods
I'm wondering if anyone here has confronted abusers and, if so, what your experiences were. I'm really considering confronting my emotionally abusive mother because I'm at my breaking point with her.

Details about my mother, etc.Collapse )

18th-Aug-2006 02:58 am(no subject)
This has been weighing on my mind for some time now and I feel like I just need to get it all out.

I warn you, there's some lengthy rambling ahead.

My story, may be triggeringCollapse )

I feel like I'm stuck between two places right now. On the one hand I don't feel like I can really call myself a victim because nothing happened to me personally, but yet I don't feel normal because I had to see all that stuff and because of the damage it's caused my family. So far I haven't found anyone else who's had a similar experience to mine and I feel so alone.
15th-Aug-2006 02:56 pm(no subject)
Sorry I dissapeared everyone. I'd like to read everyone's posts and comment, but I'm too trigger sensitive. This has been my life for the past two weeks. I cut it because some of it might be triggering, but mostely for length. I hope hope everyone is being safe though. Hugs and safe thoughts to everyone.

Read more...Collapse )
1st-Aug-2006 12:25 am - SOO YA GOOD NEWS
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