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A safe space to share stories and ask questions
30th-Oct-2006 09:10 pm(no subject)
I made some great progress in therapy today.

I haven't been going that long, so really, my therapist is just getting to know me and the situations that caused me to need therapy.

In all previous sessions, we've kind of tiptoed around my molestation and abuse, but today we really started to work through it. It was too hard for me to talk about, so she asked me if it was okay if I wrote a bit down. I did that - not details, you know - I'm not at that point yet - but just a general overview, so she knows how best to help me. I was able to do it, which made me proud of myself.

Also, for the first time, I'm happy my abuse/molestation happened the way it did. That sounds kind of strange, but what I mean by that is, that by law, she doesn't have to report it, because the age difference was not significant enough to be considered under law. That was a great relief to me, because I've been worried about the law getting involved. It's a loophole that I'm glad exists, because I can get all the treatment and such that I need without having to constantly worry about saying something that may make her realize that she has to report it.

We also talked a bit about disociation, which was also very much needed. I had figured out on my own that I had probably disociated during my abuse/molestation, and that I have been disociating regularly during my recovery. She was able to confirm that, because she noticed that I was starting to disociate, even when I wasn't aware of it. It's so weird, how people will notice that I'm "spacing out", and I won't even realize it until they tell me...

So anyhow, I'm just glad I made progress, and even though right now I'm having the "must get worse before it gets better" aftereffects of talking with her, I'm glad I did. She asked me if I would be okay dealing with them, and I said that I would... and I am. I'll get through it...

Not sure if this made all that much sense, but I'm just glad to be able to say that I've made progress. It's been a while since I have, and finally moving three steps forward instead of the usual one-forward-two-back is certainly motivating.
16th-Oct-2006 08:39 pm(no subject)
A quick question...

Almost two years ago, I was assaulted. This was not the first time I've had something like this happen to me.

I've been seeing a therapist for this, but haven't told her that much yet. She knows a bit about the first time I was sexually abused, but that's it.

Anyhow, I heard something somewhere about a therapist being required by law to report an assault to the police if it happened three or less years ago. Is this true? (I live in California, and am a minor, if that is any help...)

If it is true, how exactly do they report it? As in, if I don't give a name or any identifiable features, am I okay? Or do they file something, like, "Rachel Grace was assaulted on 18 December, 2004..."

How exactly does it all work?

Alternatively, if it's something similar but different, how does that work?

Thank you!


-Rachel Grace
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