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Mod Post - Security Level Update

Hello again, everyone!

I wanted to let you know that, due to the results of the recent poll, we are changing the security level of the community to Members Only today.

To reiterate, however, you are still able to post publicly if you would like! The "Everyone (Public)" Security Level option will be grayed out when you are initially writing your entry so, in order to make a post public, you will need to write your entry, post it, and then go back and edit the "Show this entry to:" from "Members" to "Everyone (Public)". It will no longer be grayed out when you go back to edit your entry.

Also, we will still have a public version and member version of the Thought Stirring posts; that won't be changing. :)

As always, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave a comment, send me a message or e-mail the mod team at survivormod@gmail.com. Thanks!

Changes to Thought-Stirring Questions

Hello, Survivors! 

Thanks to all who participated in the poll we posted concerning Thought-Stirring Questions.  sistahraven and I discussed the input you provided and determined that we would make a few changes to reflect your suggestions:

  • Thought-Stirring Questions will be posted each week on Sundays from now on.
    • If, for some reason, sistahraven or I are going to be away on a Sunday, we will at least try to post the TSQs on a Friday or Saturday to keep them to weekend dates.  
  • Any text preceding the Thought-Stirring Questions will be placed under an LJ-cut with the appropriate trigger warnings.
    • We feel that the longer, textual explanations and anecdotes can be very helpful for skill-building and would like to continue to include them.  By placing them under a cut, we hope to respect your needs for trigger warnings and time restraints while also giving you an opportunity to be able to go back and read through the text later on, at a time when you're feeling more stable and/or want further information about the topic.  In short: it will be your choice to read or disregard the accompanying text.
  • We will only ask two or three Thought-Stirring Questions per post.
    • Many of you commented that five or six questions were overwhelming, so we will attempt to condense the questions and allow you to focus more specifically on condensed themes.
  • We will continue to tag Thought-Stirring Questions and place them in Memories for your future use.
    • Many of you said that this had been very helpful and we are pleased to be able to continue to provide this organizational service for you!  :-)
  • Future Thought-Stirring Questions will directly reflect the suggested themes and ideas you provided in the poll.
    • sistahraven and I split up a list of suggestions you made and plan to address each of them.  Thank you so much for voicing your thoughts.  We are glad to tackle these themes and look forward to being able to make them a part of each week's post.  You provided enough suggestions to last us through about December, at which point we may even post another poll to ask for more!  In the meantime, please feel free to email us at survivormod@gmail.com or PM either of us at any time with additional ideas or suggestions.

We hope that these changes are helpful to you and enable you to get the most out of the Thought-Stirring Questions every week.

On a final note, I'd like to mention that the Thought-Stirring Questions are just that: thought-stirring.  They are often contain complicated themes that may be processed, analyzed and experienced differently by each individual, depending on his or her own unique past, personality and opinions.  There are absolutely no right or wrong answers to any Thought-Stirring Question, and we encourage you all to share whatever thoughts, questions or opinions you might have regarding any topic at any time, so long as you feel comfortable.  Provided that all community rules are being followed and comments are presented in a way that is respectful to others, all thoughts and opinions are welcome here.

Thanks so much again for your help! 

I'm looking forward to posting the next TSQ tomorrow morning!  :-)
Kaylee smile

Welcome our two Deputy Mods!

As noted in my previous post, we are bringing on two Deputy mods!

joonzmoon and blueserenity22 will be joining the mod team, and helping us keep track of posts, comments, and helping us to reorganize our tags and memories.

Both have been active in this community for quite some time, and volunteered to help with keeping this community active and thriving. While "maintainer status" (for those who know what that means) will be temporary, they have the full sanction of the Mod Team to make official requests for trigger warnings, LJ-cuts, and to assist with member conflict. Their focus will be on the community and members, making sure each member feels safe and supported.

If either of them make a request of you, you are expected to respond the same as you would to myself, briar_witch, volare, or druidwolf.

They have also volunteered to help leave comments to posts. We often suffer from lulls in comments, over holidays and weekends especially, and they have committed to leaving comments as often as they can.

So please, give them a warm welcome. We have grown and changed significantly since this community's inception - and we're happy to have some new folks added to the mix to help keep us moving!

Mod Post: Changes are a-coming

There will be some changes coming to the community, so we wanted to keep you informed:

  • A new, complete, tag system. This will help act both as a second means of warning for triggers, but also make it easy to find posts by people in similar situations. We've tried this on and off over the years, but we'll have a solid system we can maintain for the future. This is a huge undertaking, and might take a few weeks, as we'll be tagging posts all the way back to the beginning of this community. So if you tag your community posts, please refer to our tag list. If you don't tag - don't worry! We'll tag any untagged posts made to the community.

  • A new memories system. All mod posts, announcements, rules changes, etc. will be kept together in memories for easy reference. For the first time, we will also be offering a member-specific memories tag. This will be an OPT-IN ONLY feature, and I'll make a post later about how to opt in. This way, you can see your posts over the months and years, and track your progress. Also, you can keep track of good suggestions, advice, support, or resources. Again, this will be opt-in, so only those interested will have their own memories label, and I will give more details when that becomes available. Credit must be given to the dog community petbulls for inspiring this idea!

  • The return of Thought Stirring Questions: Before my and druidwolf's daughter was born, I posted weekly questions about an aspect of being a survivor, as a prompt to help with processing and recovery. It became a time for members to talk about what they experienced and how it affected them, what was helpful for recovery, and it also meant we got to know each other better. It fell to the wayside because of a lack of time, but it will be returning! They will likely be every other week to start, and possibly moving up to every week.

  • The last, but certainly the happiest announcement? We will be bringing on two Deputy Mods!. Two of our active members, joonzmoon and blueserenity22 have been instrumental in helping us initiate these changes, and we're happy to have them on the team. They are going to be doing a lot of the reorganizing of the tags and memories along with the rest of the mods, and have volunteered to make sure entries get plenty of comments. Also, they will be able to make official Mod Requests on our behalf. I will make a separate post about this as well, but please give them a warm welcome to the team. While they will not be listed as "maintainers" for the community, they do have the mod team's support in making requests and suggestions.

There might be even more new things, but we'll announce them as they come. Thanks to all of you for making this a wonderful community. The biggest and most active survivor group on Livejournal would be nothing without its members and volunteers.

MOD NOTE: my comments on asking for trigger-warnings


I am writing to address the subject of trigger-cuts. I have just come-on board as a new mod, and one of the main parts of my duties is to look for places were trigger-cuts would be helpful, and then ask for them to be provided.

The reason I am doing this is to keep the community safe for all. But, I don't want it to feel unsafe for someone if they get a trigger-warning. It is never intended personally.

Each time a post is made I take the time to read it as a whole, and feel the emotional essence of it. Then, I look through it carefully, line by line, to look for any possible triggers. Basically, I dissect each post.

Often, what is a trigger for one person is just background noise for a different person.

We all have different emotional soft spots, but my job is to try to remember all of them. While I appreciate consideration, I don't expect a writer who is in an emotional state to notice all the possible triggers, so please do not get concerned if I find one you miss and ask for it. However, I do appreciate a prompt reply when the post needs one, so if you could check your email a few hours or so after leaving a post that would be helpful.

I have found all of the people in this community whom I have met so far to be very considerate and caring people. But, we are here because we are hurting, and I do not want any of my actions as a mod to add to that hurting. So please, if you receive a trigger-warning, just fix the post (as everyone has done so nicely!)and don't worry.

You are a good person, you are just fortunate enough to not be triggered by that particular issue. Thank you.

Survivor Guest Map


I just made a Survivor Guest Map. I thought it would be kind of neat if we all put a spot on the map to show where we are in the world to emphasize how huge this epidemic is and how crucial change is needed. I also added this to my web site as well www.voicesofstrength.org

Please click on the link above if you would like to contribute your name. This is kind of like a vigil for all of us.

Love Always, Haullie


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Another quick post:

Though we *greatly* appreciate your devotion to typing out sections of books, posting them here could infringe on copyright laws, and to ensure we're allowed to keep our little sanctum, I am making the request that any verbatim copying not be posted in this community.

Summarizing is okay. Heck, even linking to your own journal where *you* print it out is okay.

Fair? :)

::taps microphone:: This thing on?

Um, hello all! I'm your new moderator, sistahraven, Kate.

Since some folks are new here, here's my story, in a nutshell. I am a 24 year old survivor of incest. I was raped in my adult years, and have seen just about every flavor of abuse. I am bisexual, and a shamanistic-flavored pagan from the US (a New Englander to top it all).

Things to note:
- I've changed the community info to include anyone seeking the advice or support of survivors. They are, however, required to meet the same rules and guidelines. ANYONE being disrespectful can be booted without warning. It's okay to ask tough questions, even let someone know that some of their coping skills aren't the greatest. It's pretty obvious - use the golden rule.
- If for some reason I miss something you find offensive, please tell me!

Also, a question to pose to the group -
I've been tossing around the idea of a weekly post containing a quote, a question, etc. The intent would be to help you learn more about yourself, or help you find things to address, etc. Would you folks be interested in such a thing?

We've got such a diverse and dynamic group of people here, this is really an amazing and beautiful community. And that you guys are letting Mama Bear officially patrol? Man, that deserves some back-to-tree back scratching love (it's similar to the Rottweiler butt-dance of happiness, but standing up) :)