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about Birdsong's December Meetings - News & Topics

[Hello I am Celeste, new to this community. When I was looking for a group to help with my own recovery and couldn't find anything I helped start one with the help of a doctor I met at one of the progams I attended, which has now become BirdSong. We are a not-for-profit, non-sectarian, free-thinking organization created by and for Women with a history of incest &/or related childhood trauma that holds weekly, facilitated, peer-empowerment groups in NYC's upper East Side in an atmosphere cushioned by trust and safety.]

Hello, Birdsong Ladies!

We here at Birdsong want to take a brief moment to wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season!

As many of you know this is a very exciting time for our organization as we are finishing our certifications in Albany and are readying ourselves to begin fundraising!! In addition, we are taking this as an opportunity to announce some very exciting changes in the format of our weekly meetings.

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Season's GReetings from everyone at Birdsong



over the past year, ive created a site called music is art,
where i enjoy to feature musicians and visual artists that i adore.

ive recently shared a project called
song/context/result that has personally felt important to turn into a continued series. starting with the small question of “tell me about a moment, a song and what it meant to you” seemed in taste to know how music can bring anyone privately back to a special memory.

i would be delighted if you may kindly like to be apart of this music project and for you to share your own personal story of reflection, so that in return someone else may be inspired and not feel alone. please be in touch if interested. thankyou.


My Survivor Site

My message board is getting kind of quiet, and we'd love to have some new members. If you'd like a 2nd place to post about things that is safe like on here, please find the web address behind the cut. Please note that no one can "see" the board unless they are registered and logged in. This is for safety matters. The main website also has many important survivor information as well as links to helpful sites, this one included! I placed the addressed behind the cut so that those who are not interested may skip on by!

Thank you! Love, Eden

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My Survivor Message Board (the link is behind the cut, so you can choose to view it or not. I'm not here to steal members.

It has been really thriving since I opened it in May of 2006, but these past 2 weeks, when I've really needed someone, almost no one has posted. It's getting dreary in there, and it makes me feel sad that something I really want to use to help others as well as myself has taken a turn for the worst. It makes me feel kind of like a failure, even though i technically know it has nothing to do with me. Can anyone think of any suggestions I can do to lift up the activity of current members? I'm not really sure where to reach new members either withuot coming off sounding like a spammer. I'm not.


And, I want to personally thank Adam & Faith for chatting online with me when I was feeling very low and to Raven for offering up her im!

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