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Warrior Workbook.

I know recently, someone posted asking if anyone knew of a workbook that wasn't as daunting as The Courage to Heal.
Well, here it is !
The amazing Angela Shelton put one together based on her sword of trauma presentation.
I got my own copy of this workbook and it is beautiful and inspiring.

You can buy a copy at this link.

Disclaimer: I make no money of this. It's really cheap for what you get and well worth it.
Proceed at your own risk and pace yourself when you go through the workbook.

Much healing to all.

book question and news

I was driving in to work today listening to the news and it hit me how negative every single story is. I've actually been avoiding the news lately. Does anyone find that the news can be triggering sometimes?

Also, has anyone read The Language of Letting Go, by Melody Beattie? If so, what do you think of it, what is it like?
cecilia virgin suicides

Don't you think there's more, I really want to know, don't you think there's more to life?

it's been a while since i have posted here.
i wrote this in my journal today, but i feel i would get a more relevant response here.
i hope you've all been well. take care of yourselves, okay?

apologies for not being more detailed about trigger possibilities. hope this is better. do let me know if you need me to edit this in any other way. safe hugs to all!
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Hello all,

I'm currently in a long term relationship with a woman who was sexually abused in childhood.

I was hoping that people here could recommend books or other resources, hopefully aimed at partners of sexual abuse survivors, with which I can educate myself, and hopefully help her through the difficulties she sometimes has as a result of it, or at least not inadvertently contribute to them?

Many thanks, in advance, for the help. :-)

I've been thinking.....

.....I think it's almost time for me to look at childhood sexual abuse......again...

I was in the bookstore yesterday and I was looking for a good book that tells a story. Something similar...but if not similar...I'm sure it would help non the less. I almost got one. And then put it back. Sitting there in the aisle, looking at the books, I got very nervous. Even more so reading parts of the books. I felt shaky. But I also reconized a need. I could feel the need in my body to read one of these books. Most of the books I've read all are psychological...about healing. 

Anyone have any good recommendations? 
I know I can't find alike...but it was covert sexual abuse by a therepist between ages of 11-19.

There was another book...that would be good....but toooooo intense right now.  It's a book written about a child sexual abuser. It goes into all sort of details from the begining......to the end...and further into his life. Its intese though. I'm no where near ready to read that......at least I don't think so.

But I've ignored a lot of the abuse stuff cause I've had so much more going on in my life....like the relationship, the breakup, the meeting....etc. I know that you need breaks and time away from all of this. But I'm begining to feel my body letting me know it's time to go back to it all...
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Reading Suggestions?

Someone earlier recommended a movie, and then last night I was browsing through Chapters on a whim and realized I have no idea what to read at the moment. Which is rather strange for me, overall.

So... does anyone have any reading suggestions, books that have been at all helpful in the past with recovery/moving on, or that just struck a note with you?

I'm sorry if this has been done before and I missed it, but in that case a link would be appreciated just as much. Many thanks.