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Some restorative truth.

Hello courageous people,
I know many of us have felt a lot of triggers, retraumatization and emotions from the Mackenzie and Polanski news events. There has been a lot of victim blaming and plain ignorance about the dynamics of abuse being displayed in the news and in online forums.
It's been a rough last few days for these of us who are out there trying to heal and to set things right in the world.
The ever amazing Angela Shelton spoke out and has written a beautiful response piece in attempt to dispel the lies and provide some truth and perspective.

Here is the link. Trigger alert for mention of rape, incest, sexual abuse, graphic mentions of sex, molestation, drug abuse and sequestration.

It is an amazing post and it restored my faith in my own sanity and in the validity of what I've been seeing this week. I hope you find it encouraging too.

news articles

I don't get a paper newspaper, but I read the newspapers on line quite often. I read several news reporting sites and one of them posted these two articles. I thought some of you might find them informative, so thought I would pass along the link.


These articles are about violence directed against women. One of them is a report from the United Nations, the other is a report from the New York City Health Department. Both of them are loaded with statistics (good for if you are doing a report on this topic), both of them contain triggers.
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MMPI-2 F scale elevations in adult victims of child sexual abuse

Article here

Recently I was told that the MMPI-2 that I took was invalid or unable to be interpretered. I felt as if I had been told I was not being honest on the test. Then I found this article and I feel a little bit better, as if this could actually be a failing of the test and not me. This is what some researches had to say.

The present study assessed whether the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2 (MMPI-2) F scale elevations may reflect genuine trauma-related distress and/or psychopathology, rather than malingering, in a clinical sample of adult child sexual abuse (CSA) victims. Eighty-eight women seeking outpatient treatment for CSA after-effects participated. Self-report measures of dissociation, posttraumatic stress, depression, and family environment individually correlated significantly with F, and collectively accounted for 40% of its variance. Dissociation was the strongest predictor. Findings suggest that high F

Submit Your Tori Amos Stories

Hey Friends,

The Survivor Digest is looking for Tori Amos stories for the up-coming edition zine being released in February.
Our next edition is going to be Tori-Inspired so for all you Tori fans out there please feel free to join in.

I'm looking for inspirational stories, how her lyrics make you feel, meet and greet stories, what influence her music has on your life...whatever you want. If you're interested in submitting a Tori story for the Digest please send your...

1. Name / Nickname or Username
2. E-Mail Address
(specify whether you want it displayed or not)
3. Tori Story

TO: submissions@voicesofstrength.org

Please don't make your stories more than 50 lines. Thank you SO much! Much love to you all.

Love, Haullie

P.S. Special thank you to Stef (sav) who is designing the Tori Amos cover for the February Digest. Her talent and support our boundless.
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Letters to My Abusers Update

Hi, everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I've extended the deadline for submissions for the Letters to My Abusers Project, from October 30th to December 30th. I'm having surgery Monday :( and will need a few weeks to recuperate.  I will still be sending out the newsletter weekly for all my subscribers.  If anyone is interested in receiving a free weekly newsletter for survivors, you can sign up at My Voice of Truth site.  Keep healing and growing.  
Love, Stephanie
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Announcing Version 2 Of The 'Love Website'!


Love has a Brand New Layout! There is new material for you to indulge in and we encourage you to start your own 'Love Journey'.

The Love Website is all about Understanding The Importance of Love, Compassion and Kindness in Daily Life.

'Love' is all about promoting Love, Compassion, Kindness, Healthy Awareness, Self-Love, and the Process of Healing From Hate, Trauma and/or Pain in one's life Physically, Spiritually, and Mentally Through the Understanding that Love is the Root of Inner Peace.

You can also register at the 'Love' Forum to start posting in a welcoming community that promotes love and healing. We now have a LJ Community that you can join for LJ discussions. This Website was created in the hopes that it will bring people together in a world that seems to be tearing us apart. 'The Love Website' gives us all the opportunity to see the warmth that love offers and share that others who are willing to step inside the circle of Love. Give yourself a Boost of Love today and Visit 'The Love Website' at http://love.voicesofstrength.org.

Take Care,
Just Listen

I'm doing it to.

Who else is participating in Blogathon 2006?

I am and my charity is RAINN the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. So if you aren't participating, and you have a few extra dollars lying around you might consider Sponsoring Me. I would be honored if you did.

And if you can't you can always hang around the eljay and keep my company on the 29th, as I blog every half hour for 24 hours. (Sans sleep)


All proceeds go to RAINN an organization that helps survivors of rape, abuse, and incest get their voices back. RAINN helps set up counseling services and raise awareness. And otherwise fights for Women's Rights. You know you want to help now. 

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Today’s Horoscope: Capricorn
”Things could be worse
Don’t take everything so seriously!”

Up-to-the-Minute News, World/US Census Report:

171,420 rapes reported to authorities each year:


469 raped each day
19 each hour
1 every 3.5 minutes.

Only 16% of all rapes reported to authorities:


12 million in a 20 year period.
12 million = 20% of the U.S population.

29% of all rapes occur under 11 years old.
32% of all rapes occur between 11 & 17 years old.

12 million,
61% under the age of 17

11 times the amount of people killed in the Vietnam War.
34 times the amount of people killed by AIDS each year.

& yet,
each has a face,
a name,
a family,
a favourite book,
a certain way of smiling.

Every 3.5 minutes

But then again;
Things could be worse.

Breaking my silence

Hello everyone!
       I was invited to speak to a women's studies class (about 250 people to be exact) about my experiences, the effects of my experiences, etc. I feel ready to break my silence and I hope that I can take a very negative experience and turn it into a productive one at least.  So I was thinking about discussing the definitions of rape versus incest versus sexual assault, etc. I was also planning on discussing statistics, different emotional and physical responses and prevention.
        So I'm inviting all of you to contribute to this lecture and tell me your ideas of what I should discuss. I'm preparing a power point presentation with different sections. Therefore, if any of you have anything you want me to discuss feel free to share it. Everyone here has been so amazing and in no way am I suggesting I'd be telling your story. That is up to you. But I sincerely hope in some small way you feel slightly empowered.
          Thanks so much everyone!! *safe hugs*