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First...thank you to all that have responded to my earlier post. I felt like I should thank you all individually, but I'd just be saying the same thing over and over so I decided to get it all done in one fell swoop. =)

I am glad that there are others out there that will support me, believe me, and not say that there's nothing wrong with what I feel has been done. I thank you all more than you'll ever know.

Tegan Tells her Rapists: Go To Hell.

I felt like this would be a good thing to post here. Hopefully it won't bother anyone. I'm glad she stood up and said "You know, this isn't my fault!". She's awesome.

Accused molester claims boy, 12, began sexual contact.

Winter claimed that after two to three minutes the boy turned and placed his hand on Winter's groin. Winter said he moved the boy's hand away, saying: "I will have to think about all this."

And just WHAT is there to think about with this? You just don't do it! No thinking required!

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An interesting article from the BBC about a program in the UK designed to help self-harm folks to learn new coping skills

Including, that while they're under supervised care, they are allowed to continue their self harm - as removing that coping skill can be dangerous without adding replacements - but teaches them proper wound care and transitional coping skills like using ice cubes to simulate the feeling of cutting (something that worked for me fairly well).

No major triggers in the article that I saw, aside from it being about cutting.

Here's hoping this new program advances current treatments...
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New anti-rape campaign in the UK.....

Hi everyone. It's been a while since I have posted here, and I do feel a little guilty for having sapped all of the support when I was in need of it, and then not 'really' having been around to offer it to those of you who needed it, so I would like to apologise. But I am back now...

When I first read this article, I was absolutely exsatic that something of this size was going to take place in the UK, in my neck of the woods. I thought it was about time that measures are about to be put in place for our safety, but on reflection, my view has actually changed a little.


I think that this may actually heighten some of the problems. Righly so, it is being put forward with all good intentions, but personally, I don't think that they have gone about it the right way. I think that they our government is starting to treat adults as children, and that we are moving closer and closer to the dreaded nanny state.

Let me explain, I may be mad, so feedback would be appreciated........Ok, something needs to be done about rape allegations making it to court, but do grown adults seriously need to have written consent before doing what adults do? Doesn't that take the passion out of the moments when we genuinely want to sleep with someone? Maybe the same thing was discussed when condoms were first intoduced, but I was too young then.

This may cause a little anger among the community, as all of us here, me included, have experienced the trauma of an attack. We can't deny though, that there are some women out there who cry wolf out of revenge, vendictiveness or other motives. Would I be wrong in saying that this, while putting a fair majority of the true attackers in jail, also put a few innocent men in there with them?

I have to say that the idea of a jury making a decision that a woman was to drunk to give consent is an excellent one, this will defintely help.

Am I thinking too deeply?
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Hi everyone. I realise that most of what I've been doing here recently is posting links to other things rather than using this community for support. If people want me to stop posting stuff, please say, but I keep stumbling across things that I feel I have to share so you guys end up with them!

This is a link to an article written in someone's blog about perceptions of consent, which is a huge issue for me...

The continuum of rape and sex

...Women need to able to define what constitutes rape, and they don't need bruises or a broken hymen to know what rape is. Many women step up to the plate every day and say that they felt like they were raped, but they know they weren’t raped. This is a horrifying state for a woman to be in, she knows that society will blame her for the experience and laugh at her if she says that the man who “nagged” her into it really raped her. So she squashes it, she turns inward and begins to hate herself, she feels like every decision she makes is a bad one and that she can't be trusted to even make a decision about sex...

This is written by a self-proclaimed radical feminist so it may not be to everyone's taste, but I found it really helpful.