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Sometimes it is hard for me to go shopping alone. Some days I can feel everything that everyone around me is feeling. So many people at the grocery store were depressed, stressed or mean. It was overwhelming.
Sometimes certain people creep me out so much that I do not even want to breathe as I walk past them. I've never met them and just in passing they seem so "wrong".
On the other end of it I can instantly like a person and am very uplifted by anyone in a positive mood

Does this make sense?

Are there any other survivors of emotional abuse that get a heightened sensitivity to others emotions?

still surviving..

i'm 20/f. a survivor of childhood sexual abuse (by various people), also emotional abuse, a witness of family violence (childhood), verbal abuse and criticism. i am still struggling to overcome all that its made me become. i have never known who 'I' am..never had a voice of my own. always afraid of rejection. i have a fear of people, mostly men. i don't do good in social situations and do not have friends. i basically have a lot of mental health issues that make everyday very hard to keep breathing...BUT..i am still breathing...amazingly..i deal with depression, ocd tendencies, ptsd, anorexia, self-injury, dissociative disorders, generalized anxiety, social phobia and a bit of agoraphobia..they all go on and off..i never know wut i'm going to deal with when i wake up in the morning..makes life..even more chaotic...and..in short, that is a bit about me...