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Some restorative truth.

Hello courageous people,
I know many of us have felt a lot of triggers, retraumatization and emotions from the Mackenzie and Polanski news events. There has been a lot of victim blaming and plain ignorance about the dynamics of abuse being displayed in the news and in online forums.
It's been a rough last few days for these of us who are out there trying to heal and to set things right in the world.
The ever amazing Angela Shelton spoke out and has written a beautiful response piece in attempt to dispel the lies and provide some truth and perspective.

Here is the link. Trigger alert for mention of rape, incest, sexual abuse, graphic mentions of sex, molestation, drug abuse and sequestration.

It is an amazing post and it restored my faith in my own sanity and in the validity of what I've been seeing this week. I hope you find it encouraging too.
O.~ -Sadie

Sign this petition to support the CARE Act today

I looked over and signed this petition, it's to inform rape victims of contraception pills that are available in hospitals. They deserve the right to have it as they shouldnt have to create a life that was forecefully put inside of them. They should have that choice. It was apart of the Planned Parenthood site called "Care2 Action Alerts"

Here are the details, please read:


Every woman deserves to be healthy and safe.

One state has already dropped a bill that would simply allow rape survivors information about EC.

Sign today and help give rape survivors the health care they desperately need >>

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A few days ago, South Dakota lawmakers dropped a bill that would have allowed Emergency Contraception information to rape survivors. Their reason? They didn't want it to be seen as an abortion ban. [1]

This is a frustrating development, because every state should allow rape survivors access to emergency contraception, regardless of its policy on abortion. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/757422046?z00m=9416831&z00m=9416831<l=1172950671

Emergency contraception (EC), or Plan B, is simply a concentrated dose of ordinary birth-control pills. Because EC is effective only within the first 72 hours of sexual contact, making it available at hospitals is the best opportunity for us to protect these women at a time when they need us the most.

Legislation called the Compassionate Assistance for Rape Emergencies Act ("CARE": H.R.464) would ensure that access to EC is included as standard emergency care treatment.

Sign this petition to support the CARE Act today! >> http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/757422046?z00m=9416831&z00m=9416831<l=1172950696

Thank you for everything you do.


Robyn E.,
Care2 and
ThePetitionSite Team
[1] Read more about this story here, and NOTE it! http://www.care2.com/news/member/544256115/313574

Emergency contraception bill killed in South Dakota

- 2 days ago - capjournal.com

A proposal to require South Dakota hospitals and other health care facilities to inform rape victims about emergency contraception was killed Friday in the House Health Committee, but a revival attempt was later started on the House floor.

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Here's an article I thought was pretty profound. May be triggering, it shows how rape victims are discriminated against by the law. I personally have not experienced such questioning, save for by some people I told in misled confidence, so I can't say how someone who has will react to this. But it's something to mull over, nonetheless.


Would you try it?

I haven't posted in this community in quite a while, but a couple of days ago I came across an article on MSN about PTSD. At the beginning of the article it says:

 "Harrowing experiences damage the brain. New drugs promise to heal it. Could the end of posttraumatic stress be near?"

I was going to post the link to the article, but it seems like it's been erased or moved. BUt the point of the article was that there is a new drug to help erase/reduce the stress of traumatic experiences.

I personally would not take the drug to erase/have less stress about the traumatic things I experienced. What if the drug erased more than just those experiences? And even more importantly, do we want to give up the person we've become because of the abuse? My past is a huge part of who I am today. Even though I have to go through hell some days, it made me stronger. I plan to help others because I know what it feels like to be helpless, scared, alone, etc. I have a purpose in my life because of it.

What do YOU think?

What hurts the most...

This entry below is in a paper from my hometown. The woman in the article is my sister, this just happened friday. The link to the paper is www.villagesoup.com and them you click on knox county and find the thing about a woman assaulting her infant daughter. I thought that my sister would know better than that. I mean she's not my bio sister, I only have one bio sibling, the rest are either step, ex-step, or so close they might as well be my brother or sister.. anyway... I thought Jami would 've know better than anyone.. This just really hurts...
...cut for possible triggers...
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