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More of my 'cleansing writing', uhmm contains triggers of abusive violence and molestation. Thankyou for such a positive response to my first piece.

This is just as a mental cleanser for myself, really. Get it out.

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Advice/Someone to Talk To

I was raped a few weeks ago. It has been obviously affecting my behavior and attitutudes toward a lot of things. It has also caused me to make some drastic decisions. Mostly to get up and move to an entirely new state.

I know I can call a hotline, but I was wondering if there was anyone here I could talk to about the way I'm feeling. I'd like to talk to someone who is older than me (I'm 21) who can give me some good life advice. I'm so nervous every second of every day and it's exhausting.

I'm trying to reach out to as many people as possible, but I'm feeling pretty helpless and scared right now.

Thank you so much for any help you can lend.

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Here's an article I thought was pretty profound. May be triggering, it shows how rape victims are discriminated against by the law. I personally have not experienced such questioning, save for by some people I told in misled confidence, so I can't say how someone who has will react to this. But it's something to mull over, nonetheless.

O.~ -Sadie

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Pertaining to a recent entry. I tried to look up a site that may have had a list in it of what movies might have rape scenes in them. And i haven't had much luck aside this site http://www.screenit.com/index1.html If you want to watch a movie and haven't seen it yet, it may be on this site. Look it up, and if you want to know if it has a rape scene in it, skip all the rest and go to the sexual section (sometimes put in violence) and you can look up whether it has a rape seen in it by description. Reading about the scene may be tough, but I'm sure it can save you actually seeing it yourself in the film. I hope this helps everyone, as I know many watch movies and unexpectedly see a scene of rape in it which can be horribly triggering.