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Please check out our community. http://www.livejournal.com/community/for_your_eyes/

We have two projects ongoing at the moment, The Pages Project and the Alternate Book Project. Both projects encourage people to participate and add contribution. You may write, draw, do anything as long as you honestly express who you are. If you check out the community we have several Pages scanned showing other people's contributions, and if you look around you will find all the information you need to know for each project. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I hope nobody will mind this promotion. Our projects are about sharing secrets, experiences, and memories. I thought that our projects might appeal to some of the members in this community. Thanks again for taking the time to read this. :)
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I am so excited!

Yay! Someone has finally done it! Now there is a community for our supporters, like we have here. nightninja76 has made a place for our supporters to join and share experiences, get support from each other, and learn better to take care of themselves while they help us. It’s just starting, so it’s small, but I know the more we spread it around, the bigger it will get. So tell your boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, life partners, best friends and whoever else, and send them here:

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Thanks for spreading the word-I’ll talk to you all later. Stay safe. -Brittany
P.S. You can email the moderator of this new community with any questions or concerns, or whatever! nightninja76@gmail.com
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new community for survivors of sexual assault within relationships

Hello everyone,

This community is amazing and thank you so much to the maintainer/mods for keeping it up. We need something like this.

I do like the fact that this is an open community for any survivor to join. But I've recently heard/read comments by people who don't feel that they are entitled to speak out about their experiences because so many others are so much "worse". Granted, there are types of assault that are physically more brutal, but the damage done to the soul doesn't reflect itself in external scars. I don't believe one type of abuse is any worse than any other for the specific reason that there are some people who feel alienated from the rest of us by that type of categorization Collapse )

I know there are many people out there who have experienced a similar type of abuse that I have: intimate sexual assault (sexual assault within the context of an intimate relationship). Survivors of domestic violence have different experiences and needs do than those of acquaintance sexual assault, than do those of acquaintance assault, than do those of intimate sexual assault, than do those of stranger assault. And while I do absolutely believe it is imperitive that we all, all survivors, join together to support each other and to stop this phenomenon from continuing, I do also believe that there are some people out there who don't feel they can voice their experiences because they don't know of anyone else who has experienced what they have. I have created a new community for survivors of intimate sexual violenceforcedlove

Collapse )

If you don't feel comfortable joining yet because it is so "type-specific." That's okay. You can also anonymously watch by creating a new username and just see the stories that others are ready to share. I commend anyone here just for taking this step to join ANY survivor community and seeking out others who can relate to you and support you. May you all be blessed on your journey to healing.
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My boyfriend and key supporter (Preston) has been looking for other supporters to contact. As I commented before in someone else's post, he was coming here until I asked him to stop. I didn't know if it was his place, but he wants to help me and be involved and understand. I had a feeling that some of you, quite possibly all of us, have someone like that in our lives. I'm thinking...maybe we could get a community together for supporters? There was one, but it's dead and the founders are no longer interested really. Maybe we let the supporters post here with us? I don't know what all to do, but I think it might help everyone if they were involved. Maybe not here, because I know I post things I only want you guys to see, but if we all think, maybe we can come up with something? Just an e-mail list for them even? Just post back please with your thoughts! Thanks! -Brittany
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Heye everyone-thanks to those who replied to me the other night. You have no idea how much that helped! I bookmarked the page, so I can go back and re-read them! :-) Thank you.

I have a group on MSN that I just joined a few days ago. It's new, so it's small, but it can go somewhere. It's about the Courage to Heal, but I think it's open to those not reading the book as well. Just thought I'd open it up-the more people we can get, the more help we can provide and recieve, so I thought of you all. I hope you have a great day! http://groups.msn.com/TheCouragetoHeal

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A new place to talk about your abuse.

I didn't see any rule about promoting a community, so here I go.

I just created a community called mental_abuse which deals with phsychological abuse.
That's something many people endure everyday but may not know what it is. I didn't.
Recently I have opened my eyes and I see that it's not always MY fault. I am being manipulated into believing so, though.

For mentally abused people out there, or for people interested in the subject or is curious as to what it is, have a look and feel free to join the community mental_abuse.

It's simply wonderful to see all of these communities that are here to support and listen. We need more!

Thank you for your time.



Hi I'm new here, My name is Amanda, I'm here more to support others and to help others who want it/need it...I believe we can all find the light at the end of the tunnel...sometimes we just have to remember where to look. I have many of the same issues as you guys myself, so I know how some of you may be feeling, and hopefully i can come here when I need help myself, but i'm here for everybody- Anytime!! If you need more help you can visit my new community: