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I hardly watch the news or read the paper, but I was all alone and decided to turn the TV on while I was having some pizza for dinner. I shouldn't have.

A 10 year-old and 12 year-old boy sexually abused younger girls between the age of 4 and 9. Before you think, how did I miss out on this?, I live in Holland, Europe.

One of the people who commented on this was a woman whom they called an expert of sexology. She said: "These boys are not sick. They're just normal kids, like everyone else. It happens more often than people think."

So, because it happens often, it's NORMAL? They're walking around like regular kids, they're not being punished or talked to! So it it okay that a guy raped me because one out of four women gets sexually abused? He wouldn't be mentally ill or something?

People truly have NO clue what it's like and how it affects your life, and that woman is supposed to be an EXPERT. That hurts so much. To hear her say that. I can't even enjoy sex with the person I love more than anything, or walk to the grocery store by myself without being scared to see my rapist, or see my doctor without being scared he'll rape me.

Great, now I'm crying, like boohoo-ing will solve anything.

Please help. I'm so scared. I haven't slept in ten days. My heart and my head hurt. I need you guys, because you know.

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i think the michael jackson trial is an appropriate conversation for  this room.    It deals with a possible child molestor that seemed to have gotten off scott free the 1st time because he is a celebrity...

Under the LJ cut  is my take on it...i'd like to hear yours.  As a person that was molested i'm pretty angry about this, as i also was with the Kobe Bryant case.  Thats another topic...

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might be triggering


aaaaaaaggghhhh!!! there was an article today on my homepage about a 16 year old girl who was sexually assaulted by several guys from her high school. she was developmentally disabled and these guys assaulted her in the auditorium with what sounds like several dozen students watching. that makes me so mad, hurt, disgusted, and scared. and if that weren't enough the school wasn't going to do anything about it for fear of media attention. the dad was the one who took her to the hospital and called the police. the principal got fired and the assistant principals got suspended.
the thing that bothers me the most is that not only did so many students watch this and do nothing, the administration treated it as no big deal. this happened during school hours on campus! what is wrong with our world?

why can this just happen to people and so many people don't care. how many of those people watching were survivors of some sort of sexual trauma? i want to know these answers, i want them to be answered for the girl and her parents.

i'm sorry if this triggers anyone, but i thought people should know. the girl deserves more respect than a forgotten article.