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Speak of the devil.....

no no no, this isnt about the devil or religion or anything. goodness knows theres enough to talk about there, but im not in the mood to be "converted" at the mo
just got thinking about the phrase the other day, and what you lot on here call "trigger[ing]"
thats what this is about, and as you can imagine....it very well is gonna b triggering to some/many of you. please, i dont wanna hurt anyone, so plz, if your easily triggered, b careful and tread lightly?

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*hugs* to anyone who actually read the whole thing b/c i dont really expect anyone to.


die smokes

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I'm needing like a uhm, god what's the word... x.o like a confirmation from someone that what I'm feeling might be okay? or to tell me that it's not okay. just, general advice. i guess that's what this community is here for anyway.. so. i just need honest opinions on this.

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I also wanted to just.. type, about jealousy. I hate jealousy. I really do, I'm guilty of it more often than I'd care to admit and I really hate it. It causes so many easily avoidable anguishes. It causes all these arguments and angsts and even the break up of relationships and it's so hard to avoid! And lately, I've found myself feeling physically ill with jealousy whenever I hear anyone in my area or my online friends talking about their childhoods.
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New member...

Hi everyone. Just wanted to post to introduce myself. I've been debating on joining for awhile, but finally decided to do it.

I'm not really into going to a counselor or a therapist because I'm not a talker, I'm more comfortable typing or writing my feelings down. I can't afford to go either. I live in such a small area that we don't have any free counseling available. And a lot of things I can't come right out and verbalize, yet. I'm working on it.

So I've decided to try and get through my past on here, on LiveJournal. I know I have very caring friends on my LJ list, but I also wanted to share things here, with people who've gone through similar things.

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a really intense meditation....really

I've been feeling very spacey after I ground lately. I wasn't sure what it was all about.  It's like...I go to ground...connect to the earth...and then I feel intense pressure in my head from the bridge of the nose up. It's almost like expansion. It literally feels as If I'm leaving my body. I keep trying to stay in my body..stay in my body. Cause I've really got to learn to do what I do when I'm outside my body...when I'm in my body.

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I question the pictures and wonder if it's real or am I making it up. But every time I say that, I hear a voice cut me off telling me that it is real.

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This is way too much right now.....

Has anyone else worked to clear chakras and found images there......?
Or something similar?

Cat nap peace

Weekly thought stirring: Traumatic Memory

One of the most frustrating parts of recovering memories or of trying to process memories of your abuse is the way trauma is stored in the brain. Non-traumatic memory is usually stored all together - you can simultaneously remember the hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting parts of a memory. With memories of trauma - it's common that the different parts of the memory get stored in different places. So it's common for us to only be able to remember it in pieces - just sounds, or just feeling, or emotions.

Since our brain often stores traumatic memory in pieces, it's tough for us to be able to see the whole picture. If we can't see what happened, the emotional part of the memory doesn't always make sense. If we can feel physically what was done to us, but can't feel the emotions, we can feel hollow or cut off.

Sometimes, even when we are able to see the different aspects of the memory altogether, we can only remember a few minutes of each memory at a time.

So this week's questions are:
- Are memories of your trauma more often in fragments and pieces? Or do you have the whole picture?
- Of all your senses, including your emotions, which aspect is easiest to remember? Which is the hardest?