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Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around. I'm in between homes again, for the third time since being with him. I am super fucking stressed (what's new?).

I feel pretty incapable of making decisions by myself. I'm pretty sure that I need to get out though. I've written on him before, and even in an anonymous community I made him seem pretty nice, which is pointless.

So I got my tarot cards done today. Fucking accurate as hell about how he treats me and his demeanor towards me (he's controling, angry, we fight all the time, etc). The guy, who's known me for years asked me if I was on drugs or not eating right because I look like I've lost weight and don't look as healthy as I used to. The latter is true and I told him. I ended up crying a little bit a couple times during the session.

I made a pros and cons list about him. I had 11 pros and 22 cons.
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The problem with the concept of breaking up with him is that I still love him. =(

Why the fuck do I even care about this boy???

i just don;t know

so i haven't been on here in awhile an i thought this would be a good time to come on since i'm really upset right now at myself for letting cory (bf) treat me the way he has been. i don;t understand why i let him treat me like this an it's only him that i'm letting treat me like this, i shouldn't be not with him or anyone else even if i do love him why can't i bring myself to break it off with him. it's like i'm just over looking the way he treats me bc i love him i think i'm thinking that hopefuly deep down in him he loves me to but why i'm just being so blind to it all. i know what he's doing is wrong that i shouldn't let him treat me like this if i know this why can't i end it i'm so lost in my mind right now. i'm confused i feel alone an lost. i feel like no one understands me. i feel like just a big pile of shit. he has the best of me an i just seem not to be able to let him go. my self esteem is so low right now i'm numb to the pain i feel like cutting to feel alive to realize i'm not in a dream that he isn't going to change. i just need help i'm drawing to near of wanting to give up to let him have it all to not fight for wats right. i need help to know it's ok to let him go that i'm not this horrible person he says i am i just don't know


i'm not pregnant thank god for that skewls starting soon really stressed

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Hey everyone,

I just now (as in, five minutes ago) joined this community so I apologize if I'm asking something that's recently been talked about.

Basically I am looking for some advice on staging an intervention for my sister. Has anyone here been involved in an intervention for a woman in an abusive relationship? What can make them effective or ineffective? What are the dos and don'ts?

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Thanks so much.

My cry for help...

I need help getting out of my abusive situation.

First off, I have a 3 year old son with him. We live together. He is abusive and threatens to kill me if I call the cops on me. He is very very crazy, and says if I put him in jail he'll kill me when he gets out. He has nothing to lose.

I live in Canada. I would like to know if anyone can either refer me to someone on LJ that has gotten out of a similar situation, give me advice on what to do, or refer me to websites or services that can help me. Anything that might be useful to me.

I am desperate as I am scared as hell of what's going to happen to me and my son.

Thank you.


these scars remind me that the past is real...

hello everyone. i joined this community a week or so ago and have not yet posted. i figured it was about time:

i am almost 19 years old. i was abused by my government-employed father and my boyfriend of 5 years. my father stopped abusing me at age 16, when i was kicked out of my house.

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