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Sharing some joy ...

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Angela Shelton... She is amazing and if you haven't seen her documentary, you must ! It impacted my healing in a hugely positive way !
Her book is coming out in April and there is a huge grassroots movement to show up at Barnes and Nobles on April 1st and buy the book. You can also preorder it on her site.
I am one of the team leaders on the joy campaign in Washington and I wanted to encourage these of you in Washington to join the team.
Please note, I am not getting paid to do this and this isn't about slaving away or activism that isn't rewarding! It's about breaking the silence individually, creating and finding our own healing and supporting the movement that Angela Shelton starting in doing all of the above !
She is truly an incredible woman and her videos are helpful and hilarious all at once.
It is so important to remember that healing doesn't have to be all pain all the time and that while it is extremely painful and hard, humor can sometimes help hugely.
And so does community !
Love and healing to all.

Positive words for the New Year.

 Happy New Year everyone! As corny as it sounds... I'm going to give a New Year's speach...

Every day is a new opportunity to do some good, to make something positive, or to turn something around. Now that we have a whole new year, we can turn a new leaf. All of the mistakes, heart aches, and dissapointments of yesteryear can be swept under the carpet. You've made it through to the new year and now you have new opportunities. Opportunities, to make mistakes, or learn. Opportunities to grow and teach. You decide the direction of your life, you're behind your wheel. Take hold and drive. Make this year better and more meaningfull than the last. Make it count because you only have one life to live!

We all need some inspiration.

I doubt any of you remember me, but this group has helped me so much in the past. I haven't been on live journal for ages, and my profile desperately needs to be updated.

My name's Laura. I've been lucky, I feel, with my abuse. It wasn't as bad as some of you guys. But, abuse effects us all in the same way, and there isn't a level to abuse in actuality. Abuse is what it is... abuse.

No one deserves to go threw it, and it's no one's fault. You are all wonderful people and you need to learn to hold your heads high again. You guys will get through this, and thing will be ok.

Dispite what you've irrationally rationalised in your head, it will NEVER, EVER go away. It is a memory. It is a memory, that's all it is. The memory won't hurt you anymore if you won't let it.

I want to leave you guys with two quotes.

This first one I stole from a member who wrote it on her hand. I found it too inspiring to leave on the computer.

"From weakness is strength. From pain is beauty. From victim to victor. SURVIVOR."

Then, this one a friend quoted on me when I was leaning on my unfortunate events like a crutch.

"Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional"

You're all wonderful, strong, inspiring people! Keep fighting. It takes all the warriors to fight to win the war. =)

Just A Little Something I Found Healing

I was talking with my wife the other night, and she said "I love you to pieces."

I joked back that we've been together for almost 11 years and I'm still in one piece, so she can't be very good at it.

She thought a little bit, and then told me, "I love you to wholeness."

We both really liked the sound of that, and she's decided to say that to me now.
Flower blushing

Weekly Thought Stirring: Goals

It can be easy to lose focus on the future when you're knee-deep in flashbacks, depression, and the numerous other difficult parts of recovery. Often times, we are so overwhelmed by our day-to-day survival, that it can be very difficult to remember to stay focused on something in the future.

Whether you have a goal as a marker to show yourself your own progress, or whether the goal is just something to focus on to get you through the hardest parts, goals are an important tool during recovery so that we can remember that there is more to life than just the day-to-day grind through our ptsd symptoms.

Even if it's just a short-term goal, something you want to accomplish that day, a goal can give you focus, and give you an excuse to celebrate when it's accomplished. For those of us with a major daily struggle (like eating a well-balanced meal, leaving the house, or even just making phone calls), setting a goal of accomplishing a single task can prove satisfying - it's easier to accomplish just one difficult thing than many. Monthly goals could be anything from trying a new exercise in therapy to having at least one night out with friends. Whereas longterm goals might be to find a therapist or move into your own place, etc.

So this week's questions are:
- What day to day goals can you set for yourself?
- What monthly goals can you set for yourself?
- What long term goals, whether in life, therapy, or work, could you set for yourself?