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my mom is the crazy one.

I'm so tired of this. I really am. Tomorrow my mom is going to take me to the hospital to be hospitalized because apparently I don't take my medicine and I'm fighting with her. She's calling doctors behind my back and lying. I do take my medicine and she's the one the one that comes home and verbally abuses me. She let me live on my own with my fiance when I was 16, I lived with him for almost a year until we got evicted, so then I had to live here. Since I've lived with my mom I've become depressed, wanting to be alone and my anxiety got really bad. She will come into my room yelling at me(then says she doesn't, but my fiance has heard her do it while I was on the phone with him) and then she will start screaming if I ignore her. I can't stand loud voices it makes me go insane. So I ask her to stop nicely and she doesn't, so then I start yelling at her to leave me alone and get the f out of my room. Sometimes I will rock back and forth with my hands over my ears and she makes comments about how I'm crazy and I need to be locked up. Today when she came home from work, I was excited to see her. So I ran to the door and said "Hi mom", and she said "what did you do today?", and I said "Nothing", and she said "Yeah well I can see that"., Then I went to sit on the sofa near her. And she said "When do you want to go to the hospital tomorrow?" And I said "I don't want to go, I have no reason to". So she starts to yell well the doctor set it up and your going, you don't take your medicine and your lazy." so I said "Jeff(my stepdad) said I don't have to". MY mom said "Oh really" and went to go ask my stepdad and I went with. He told her to go away because she started yelling at him. Then she said "He didn't say that" and I said yes he did, I said it right in front of my stepdad. So then my mom went to drink my Pepsi and started to scream how there is only 2 cans left. Then she screamed for the living room, "If you don't go to the hospital I won't let you barrow my car to see your boyfriend and I won't take the car title in so you can have your boyfriends car".

She also kicked my boyfriend out of the house back in April because he took his too much of his sleeping pill and he kept sleeping, so she called a doctor and told him he has psychosis. And took him to the hospital since he was 20 and wouldn't sign himself in she talked to the hospital and tried to get them to hospitalized him anyway, so he started to leave and she started screaming for a security guard. Now he has a $500 bill from the hospital because she talked to the hospital.

Is there anything I can do? Because this is not right, I'm getting hospitalized because she lies and she's mad at me. I don't even know what triggered her to lie because I'm never home I'm always sleeping over at my boyfriends house with her permission.

I also joined a while back because I was raped.

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Sorry I dissapeared everyone. I'd like to read everyone's posts and comment, but I'm too trigger sensitive. This has been my life for the past two weeks. I cut it because some of it might be triggering, but mostely for length. I hope hope everyone is being safe though. Hugs and safe thoughts to everyone.

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