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7th-Feb-2005 05:02 pm - needing to be understood
Brittany the Chipette!
what do you guys do about anger? I'm a very chill person, and caring and whatnot-very forgiving, not angry. Lately I have not been myself in that department. I know I'm angry as all hell about Jim (my late father and abuser), but how much is too much? Can I be mad at those who could have helped when I was a child being abused and they didn't help? Can I be mad at old boyfriends who I let hit me and act sexually with me until I bled? Or do I stay angry at myself for those? Do I stay angry at myself at all? I don't understand all this...and I feel half awful about it, and guilty, and half totally justifed and content in it. If anyone has any words of wisdom, or even just understanding, I would love it hear it. Thanks! -Brittany
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