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Possibly very triggering, but these women need our help.

(Ya'll these continuing atrocities are a complete outrage. Something has to be done. If you want to help, I've listed names, emails and phone numbers at the bottom of this post.) Gang Raped and Mutilated but Still Praising God Collapse )

If you would like to help, please contact: The Swedish Pentecostal Mission -- PMU Contact person: Marie Walterzon Telephone in Congo: 011-243-81-318-6246 E-mail: vsvbukavu@kivu.on-line.com Tearfund Contact person: Tilly Leuring Telephone in Congo: 011-243-997-089-850 E-mail: dmt-drc-pd@tearfund.org Dr. Denis Mukwege Mukengere E-mail: denismukwege@hotmail.com
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First...thank you to all that have responded to my earlier post. I felt like I should thank you all individually, but I'd just be saying the same thing over and over so I decided to get it all done in one fell swoop. =)

I am glad that there are others out there that will support me, believe me, and not say that there's nothing wrong with what I feel has been done. I thank you all more than you'll ever know.

Tegan Tells her Rapists: Go To Hell.

I felt like this would be a good thing to post here. Hopefully it won't bother anyone. I'm glad she stood up and said "You know, this isn't my fault!". She's awesome.

Accused molester claims boy, 12, began sexual contact.

Winter claimed that after two to three minutes the boy turned and placed his hand on Winter's groin. Winter said he moved the boy's hand away, saying: "I will have to think about all this."

And just WHAT is there to think about with this? You just don't do it! No thinking required!
Dragged in Vs. Walking in

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An article I though you all could appreciate, published through the ACLU's newsletter. At long last, an international tribunal will be overseeing the complaints against the US government for not enforcing the laws governing the provision of full protection offered by restraining orders.

Domestic Violence Case Goes to International Tribunal

Domestic violence victims have the right to be protected by the state from the violent acts of their abusers, according to a recent suit filed by the ACLU. The petition, the first of its kind, was filed with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on behalf of Jessica Gonzales, the mother of three girls killed by her estranged husband,whose domestic violence protection claims were rejected by the U.S.Supreme Court.

Last June, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against Gonzales when it found that the Constitution does not recognize an entitlement by domestic violence victims to enforcement of their protective orders.

Gonzales is a Colorado woman whose three children were brutally murdered by her estranged husband when local police refused to enforce her restraining order. She repeatedly called the police, telling them of her fears for the safety of her daughters and guiding them to the girls' location. The police failed to respond and several hours later all three children were shot and killed by their father, the abductor,against whom Gonzales had a restraining order.

The ACLU said that its concern is not limited to the specific Gonzales case. It extends more broadly to all victims of domestic violence who are not adequately protected by law enforcement. This case is the first individual complaint against the United States brought before any international human rights body for the violation of the rights of victims of domestic violence.

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There is a very good article at the UK times online about a rape survivor who was in the Tube for the July 7th bombings While it is very highly trigger-ridden... it's also very good. Talks about both her rape, and about the trauma of the bombings, and the similarities. She also talks about the possibility of forgiveness of both her attacker and the bombers. Very heavy, but very good.
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School Says Woman's Service Animal Not Safe (x posted)

Ferret Causes Controversy At Our Lady Of The Lake University

The girl has PTSD and panic attacks during school. She says the ferret helps calm her down during her panic attacks. You know, I have panic attacks during school too, even had to drop out for a year. I wonder if they'd let me bring a ferret to classes?