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I'm sitting in my back room engulfed in tears. My co-workers think i'm doing paperwork so they are happily leaving me alone. I keep repeating "Hey there Delilah" by the plain white t's. The worst part is...I'm not really sure why i'm crying. I kind of do...okay fine, I do. I miss Deric. But even more so than him, me running the store by myself this week without my boss has really gotten to me. The girl from our other store fucked up my system and gave a customer a free phone when the phone is $40! Then to make it worse, she gave them a $50 mail in rebate when there isn't supposed to be a rebate at all. So the customers are not only getting a free phone, but a free $50 from the company...which means my store gets to pay that to the company and we're fucked. Then I had one left wireless phone to do for the week and when my guy came in, the hired help here stole him away from me and now has my sale...I can't handle all this. I want to go home and curl up and cry all night.
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