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First and foremost, thank you to everyone who took the time to comment my last entry about needing support and a last conversation. Everyone's words were the support and comfort I needed and I thank you all.

Here is the story...
Me and Deric met two years ago when he was stationed at ft. lewis for the military. We dated for a year before he was sent off to germany. The plan had been to come home, get married and we'd work things out from there...Up until his deployment, he had been my best friend. We nearly lived together, spent every day with eachother, and all his friends knew who I was before I ever met them...But when he deployed, things changed. At one point I got ignored only to find out that he had found a girlfriend in germany. And secondly to later find out he had slept with a total of 18 girls while in Germany...Trust me, I know. So for the past year we have been extremely rocky...I have no trust (OBVIOUSLY!) in him, but he has put fourth a good effort to try and gain it back. He calls every day, and I talk to his family which now-a-days reassures me i'm the only girl he talks about. But...then he came home, only he stopped in texas first which is where his family lives before coming home to our apt. After about a week it suddenly became obvious that he had re-made a life for himself there and really wasn't planning on coming home, just hadn't decided to tell me yet...Last but not least, I DEMANDED that he get tested before coming home to me. I suppose I wasn't worth it because he refused. And...that's the story.
I'm sure now you all have a much better understanding of "us" and will never again wonder why I KNOW I did the right thing :)
Thanks again everyone !!!!! :)
Tags: relationships, trust

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