shadowkat3 (shadowkat3) wrote in _survivors_,


I'm tired. of life, of dealing with everything.

I'm sick of dealing with being beaten and treated like garbage and worthless

I dont have the energy to fight back because then i'll only get hurt more.

I havent got the strength of mind to remember why i used to care so very much about what has happened and what would happened.

Matt says this word is "apathy" 

I say that apathy can do whatever it wants. I dont care.

I'll b 12 in 4 days.

And i couldnt care less.

idc if im coming back here.

I remember really liking being here and talking to everyone and being talked to

but at the end of the day? you all are scatterd across the country and maybe across the world and all the good its doing me is deluding me into thinking that somoen's gonna help me in real life.

you all still dissapear as soon as i close my laptop

so whats the point?

i love you all very dearly for all the help youve been to me and i wish you all nothing but the best

but i dunno about anything anymore and i dont know what to do with this


Tags: abandonment issues, depression, emotional numbing

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