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I've been halfheartedly working on some kind of statement if The Case goes to trial. I'm expecting some kind of "how did that make you feel/affect you?" question.

"We all set up boundaries and lines to protect ourselves, both physically and emotionally. We don't tell everyone we know about certain medical problems, we don't let everyone come close to our bodies. Have you ever had someone cross one of those lines? It's hard, because it's a violation of your personal space, among other things. And then you have to rebuild so it doesn't happen again.

Just imagine the feeling of having every single boundary you've ever created in your life being broken in a single instant, by a single touch. Imagine losing all power over your own space just because someone decided to include you, without consent and against your wish, in their pleasuring of themselves. Imagine knowing that for at least that period in time, you're nothing but an object to them - a sex object.

And now, because of the choice that he made, I have to put my lines and boundaries back together. 22 years of emotional experiences put together into a wall for my own protection... and I have to rebuild it in days. Just because he couldn't keep his hands to himself.

It's hard, and it hurts."

It's rough, I know... but is this a good start? Will this work? I've never had to do anything like this at all, so I don't know what questions to expect, or how to word anything. This is just what I came up with at work while bored and trying not to fall asleep...
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