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Shadow Flying In Daylight

Weekly Thought Stirring: Change

Last week, we talked about structure, and how structure and consistency can bring a great amount of comfort and stability into our lives. This week, we'll be talking about changes, and how those affect us. Change is almost the opposite of structure - it can disrupt our schedules and bring us a great amount of anxiety, even when the changes are good things!

With summer rapidly approaching, many of us are feeling the stress of change: schools are letting out, universities are wrapping up their spring semester and having graduations, and many of us might be planning vacation. With so much change on the horizon, even change we are looking forward to, we will often feel a large amount of anxiety about what unknowns the future might hold for us.

There is a saying, "Even an unknown happiness can be more frightening than a known pain", and that's something that survivors definitely know the feeling of. Simply not knowing what's in our future, especially when we're having a major life change like graduating, moving, marrying, or becoming parents, can be a huge amount of stress.

Of course, one of the best ways to combat the stress of change is to buff up your structure and consistency a bit around those changes, so you have comforting things you know and love around you. Even if it's just visiting a favorite place, or doing a favorite activity once a week, it can bring a little bit more of the things you know into a future that may be filled with too many unknowns.

This week's questions are:
- What changes are in your future? Are you excited about them? Anxious about them? Or some mix of both?
- How does change usually affect you and your mood?
- What little bits of structure can you bring into your life around the changes which are coming up?
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