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trouble with schoolwork during emotional times

I was really sick the beginning of this semester, and by the end of the semester issues from the rape had started resurfacing and making it impossible for me to concentrate. I have two incompletes - which means, as long as I turn in the final paper by the end of the summer, I'm fine. There's one 10 page paper and one 4 page paper; the topic of the 10 page paper is the same as that of an extensive class presentation I did earlier in the semester.

I cannot, for the life of me, even get started on these things. They should be so EASY, gah. I just feel upset and stressed out every time I even think about them. I do want to get them done sooner rather than later because I will just get more and more stressed out over them as time passes.

Have any of you struggled with motivation in terms of schoolwork/job performance? It's not just working through the aftereffects of abuse, in my case; I have a chronic illness for which my specialist is still trying to establish an effective treament, which has been handled very poorly (read: not at all) by the disability coordinators & health program at my school. I wish there were something more that I could do, but I am just spent for the moment.
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