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Update on charges, etc

I filed charges today. It was hard, talking about it all to a complete stranger. Very nice, and kinda good-looking in that "great bod and really sweet" way, yet still a stranger. And yet... it felt good, to get it all off my chest and down on paper where it will do some good. If I can prevent him from doing something to someone else... my job is done.

It was funny, though, when I called the sheriff's office, 'cause when I was trying to explain myself and what I wanted, everyone I spoke with knew all about {place of employment}. Well, actually, they should, they're the ones we call when someone gets out. Anyway. I'm so glad they're taking this seriously. I was so nervous that he would get the info, take my statement, but in such a way as to make me feel stupid for even DARING to bother reporting it.

Turns out it's a felony offense. Yeah. Total vindication right there. HAHAHA, jerk, you're goin' down.

The end. I just needed to write it down and get it out. And update y'all, because you guys rock.

OH. And I got my tattoo, and it was very odd... while she was doing it, it's like I burned a lot of my feelings into the pain. Catharsis, if you will. But whatever, it's done and I'm so glad. It's so beautiful, and it's such a symbol of what I want to get out of all this. I'll get pictures when I find the cable for my camera. >.>
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