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So for some reason...Im very stressed out tonight. Only a few… 
30th-Apr-2007 10:20 pm
So for some reason...Im very stressed out tonight.

Only a few reasons I guess...

-Me and My boyfriend fell asleep today, I had a dream about  my brother which is my abuser. It caught me off guard to say the least. But just another dream where he tries to kill me I guess.

-Me and the boyfriend had sex with no condom. Though ive been on the pill for 4 months or so, and he pulled out, its still very scary, im in no place to be a mother.

-May means AP exam. Which I havent studied for yet and its three weeks away.

-Wensday is a due date fir what turned out to be a 25 page assignment......on top of a group prject/presentation due tommorow.

-Therapist insists on pushing our app. back to a full month now, she says im doing great, but Im scared ill fall back to being suicidal. And ,y cutting has been non existant for months...

I hate crying nights.
1st-May-2007 03:49 am (UTC)
so glad you aren't cutting anymore. it's been a year for me and its still hard.
and i seriously doubt you could be pregnant, considering you are on the pill and he pulled out.
i hope you feel better.
1st-May-2007 11:40 am (UTC)
On a mod note, I really appreciate that you put this behind a cut, that's great. It would be even more helpful if you could also explain what's behind the cut. You mention cutting, and sex, and molestation in here, as well as school stress, so just a quick note mentioning all of these would be perfect! Thank you so much!

On a nonmod note, it sounds like you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed, which is understandable with everything you're feeling and have going on right now. Safe hugs hon.
1st-May-2007 03:52 pm (UTC)
I second the mod request, hun - we're doing trigger descriptions in the LJ-cuts now.

I can understand why you're stressed - that's a lot to have on your plate at the end of the school year! Best wishes with it all, sending you lots of hugs
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