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thank you so much for all the comments last time I posted, they really helped me see I wasn't being stupid :)
I just have a quick question, if anyone can help me out

I got away from my boyfriend and I'm now living with a friend while I get better and sort my head out, so things should be a lot better.
but...I can't seem to get my head out of that house.
I used to end up hiding in the bathroom when Frank had one of his outbursts, and I slept in the bathtub a lot of times to get away from him. the thing is, its now as if the only place I can relax is in the bathroom. I'm supposed to be free of him and now I'm still sleeping in the tub. my friend thinks I'm crazy. I'm inclined to agree. any thoughts or ideas? or just anything would be helpful

Tags: leaving abuser, processing, seeking opinions
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