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Clothesline Project

The "bc" in my username stands for Boston College. The Clothesline Project is going on at BC today.

The Clothesline Project is a display of T-shirts with reactions to sexual assault/rape. BC does it as part of CARE Week (CARE stands for Concerned About Rape Education). The T-shirts are on display on campus today. Last week on Thursday and Friday, you could go along and make a T-shirt. Well, I live in Rhode Island, but I was in Boston last Wednesday and thought about making my own T-shirt. In the end, I decided not to. I didn't feel ready to. That's OK, though. You can't do anything before you're ready for it.

If I had made a shirt, it would have said:
Believe in Hope.
No one is alone.
I hold the power now.

So, I thought this community could create our own virtual Clothesline Project. I usually do F-locked entries here, but I think this one should be public.

If you could make a T-shirt with any message or reaction, what would your T shirt say?
Tags: inspirational, projects
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