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May be very off-topic, but I need to talk about this. Cut for talk of armed robbery
December 20-something I was robbed at gunpoint by three high school aged boys when I was walking to the bus stop. It wasn't exactly traumatic, except for when they went through my pockets, which is of course closer than I wanted them to be. A few weeks later my roommate was robbed at the Cousins sub shop and held hostage. Then, two months later, the fast food place that I work at was robbed. Myself and two co-workers were there. The man had a jacket and a dark blue scarf over his face, and a silver revolver which he pointed to my head. This man later went on to rob over 20 buissiness' in the area, and is still active as of last night. There is nothing the police can do but connect this guy with other robberies.

The reason I am writing this is because I feel completely violated and unsafe. On the behalf of the place where I live, this city that I adore, and because it has affected myself and those around me. I am afraid to leave my house at dusk to run to the gas station. I am quitting my job because I feel completely powerless when a customer with a jacket on comes in. I don't even feel safe in my house alone. Does anyone know any ways I could potentially feel safer, and not in a constant state of panic other than never leaving the house and always having someone home with me? (Both are pretty much impossible).
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