colenic417 (colenic417) wrote in _survivors_,

Business Trip Follow up

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all who commented on my last post about my business trip. It was definitely an experience....
There were several people there who definitely made my radar go off the screen. Some were just your typical salesmen. I managed to stay with a group and managed to keep with a group for the most part. There was one person who got too close and was drunk and very touchy (not necessarily inappropriate but I was definitely not comfortable) I did tell the people that I was with that I was not comfortable with him. They kinda laughed it off and said that was just him. I said well I certainly don't want to get cornered by him again and they understood and made sure that they stuck by when he was around....which was great. I did excuse myself a couple of times from the group because of people, it was definitely out of my comfort zone but now at least I know I can handle it.
Thanks again for all your advice!!
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