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Sleep Pralisis Nightmare

I have found myself sick again.  Right before finals, even.  To help my achey boyd feel better I slept a lot today and found myself having an Sleep Pralisis nightmare.  Triggering details under the cut.

I remember opening my eyes, but not being able to see very well.  Like I was looking through them and they were half opned and I was squintng.  It was ia bright, sunny day  today so the sun light was filtering in through my closed blinds.  I regitsitred the fact that my body felt heavy and paralyized "Great." I thought to myself.  I haven't had a Sleep Pralisis nightmare in a long time.  Iwonder what my brain would cook up this time.

I was then alerted that there was someone in my room (not for real, but dream wise) and for some reason it felt very Frued-Esque.  Like it was my Id, Super Ego, Ego had come to visit me.  Normally when I have these types of dreams all I have to do is move and I normally jolt to full awakeness.  But not this time.  I vividly remember telling them to 'fuck off' and giving them the finger...Atleast I think I did.  I was half awake.  But normally this amount 'movement' would've woken me up in the past, yet I still remained in my frozen state.

Then the worse part happened.

Next thing I knew I felt as if someone crawled into bed with me, slipped their hands into my tank top and started to feel my breasts.  I still did not wake up even though I felt as if I was trashing.  The touching ended abruptly and the dream shifted quickly to me watching this transparent, hollogram, of a girl my age, with short curly hair run trough my door.  Like she was a ghost.

I really don't know what this all means...I just needed to tell someone.  Thanks for reading.
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