kaofuckyou (kaofuckyou) wrote in _survivors_,

A big thankyou to everyone who commented to me when I was having such a hard time this week, it means alot. I'm more coherent now, and.. stable. Lol that sounds dramatic but I was really getting irrational. Once again the musician Patrick Wolf helped me a huge amount, this time with the song 'Overture'. He always seems to say exactly what I need to hear.

I feel numb right now, as opposed to happy, but numb is better than miserable, I think. I was in hospital for a night (long story involving prescription meds and my own stupidity -.-) and a counseller suggested that I write Karl a letter and then burn it. So I'm going to do that.

Just thought I'd drop people a line. Thankyou for being there, it's such a support to me.
Tags: updates
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