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Troll prevention techniques:

With the recent troll, and since there have been trolls targeting personal journals of our members, I wanted to post some tips on how to prevent trolls, or at least be able to report them when and if they visit your journal.

  • First, report any and all harassing comments to the Livejournal Abuse team Here. Be sure to include a link to the page on which the harassment has been posted. Preferably, do not delete the comment until it has been seen by the Abuse team - it makes their job of seeing the comment easier.

  • Secondly, ban that user from your personal journal. You can do this by going to The Admin Console and typing in "ban_set username" and hit the execute button, replacing the word username with their username. This will ban them from your personal journal. To ban them from communities you maintain, type "ban_set username from communityname" and hit the execute button. This will keep them from being able to even see your journal or communities while logged in - it will also prevent them from being able to delete their harassing comment.

  • Turn on "IP logging" in your journal settings. I believe you can adjust this from "manage comments" and then "manage comment settings". This will prevent many trolls, as it identifies their specific internet connection and computer. Using a simple IP address locator (like: ) you can find out the person's city and state if they're in the US, and can find basic locations in other countries. You can also find out their internet provider. With this information you can contact their local police if necessary and/or report them to their internet service provider for violation of Terms of Service (non-harassment clauses). Knowing their city and state will also help you to know if you know this person personally or if this is someone who randomly chose to harass you

  • Remember - it is against Federal Law in the United States to use the anonymity of the internet for the purpose of harassment - many other countries have similar laws. You have the right to report harassment as a violation of the law. The worst that you will hear from an authority figure after reporting is that they cannot prosecute or take direct punitive action but have given a warning. And even warnings help make prosecuting/taking action against them easier in the future

  • Unless you have a big reason for not doing so, turn off anonymous commenting in your journal. This way, a troll must use a registered username, and is easier for livejournal to trace. IP logging will still log the addresses of those posters, so if you keep anonymous comments as an option, log their IP addresses. You can also make it so that friends-only can comment on your journal, or screen comments from non-friends.

  • Make a post in your journal (forward the posting date so it stays at the top, and check the "backdate" option when you post so that if won't show automatically on your friends list) or a bolded statement in your userinfo stating that you IP log and report any and all harassment. This will deter some trolls who don't want to get busted.

  • Friends lock entries containing personal information - then you know who is reading your posts, and it can reduce the temptation of trolls to harass you. The more vehement trolls often prefer to use things they know about you against you.

  • Because some trolls will get your AIM screen name after seeing you are a member, we HIGHLY recommend allowing IM's only from people you know. You should keep an eye on anyone asking for details about your abuse history over IM.

Though these are some great guidelines, I'm sure I've probably missed some. And, of course, if you have other things you do to prevent trolls, feel free to comment and add them on!
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