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a really intense meditation....really

I've been feeling very spacey after I ground lately. I wasn't sure what it was all about.  It's like...I go to ground...connect to the earth...and then I feel intense pressure in my head from the bridge of the nose up. It's almost like expansion. It literally feels as If I'm leaving my body. I keep trying to stay in my body..stay in my body. Cause I've really got to learn to do what I do when I'm outside my body...when I'm in my body.

So I went ahead and tried to ground myself using my hands to help. Eye's open. That worked better. Then I went down to ground my foot. I could feel the foot chakra open and ground...but the minute it connected....I felt a 'blast' of spacyness. As if I just leapt right out. You know that I think about it...what it really feels I’m trying to go out....but I'm stopped. That would explain the pressure I feel. But at the same time I feel like I'm going out too.

So I stopped and called on my angels and guides to help me understand what was going on.  I then thought to clear my lower chakras using my hands as aids. I didn't touch my body...just hand my hands in the area outside of my body. 

(Even now I feel it. It causes me to close my eyes as if nodding off)

So I held my hand over my third chakra and that cleared ok. Then over the second chakra......ohhhh myyyyy. I felt the spacyness and wanting to fly out of my body here.  I focused in on that area instead of sending healing energy. I waited to see if I could get any mental pictures. And I did....

I question the pictures and wonder if it's real or am I making it up. But every time I say that, I hear a voice cut me off telling me that it is real.

Well....I got flashed of things. There was a man. He may have been my father. I got images of him doing things to me while I laid on the bed. I had to have been between four and seven. (cause each time I go to my little white board--a blank spot for seeing images---I get the numbers four, five, and seven) There was oral and penetration. I got the image of his shadow and the sound of his feet walking back and forth in front of my bedroom door. I got the image of my mother cleaning me up...telling me he didn't mean to hurt me. There was blood down there. 

As I saw all of this I once again called on my angels and guides. I then saw someone new. I saw blue and white coloring and a shape. I recognized it as Mary...or Magdalene. (I hear that it was Mary in my head). I accepted it. I reached out for her as well. 

Ascended Masters (I think that's what they are called) is still a hard concept for me. Logically I want to say "NOOOOO WAAYYY".  but my intuition begs to differ. And since I'm learning and trying to trust my intuition.....I won't question it much.....

I was crying still but my break was over. I thanked them all for being there. I am very thankful. I ask that they continue to send healing energies my way and love to know I am safe. 

This is way too much right now.....

Has anyone else worked to clear chakras and found images there......?
Or something similar?

Tags: memories, seeking opinions
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