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I spent last year being treated for depression and anxiety. I haven't finished that yet but I'm now seeing my clinical psychologist less often and the doctor and I are thinking about reducing my SRI (non-addictive) antidepressant dosage. I've had hypoglaecemic episodes in the past, I've been to see a dietician and I have them under control and I'm returning to a healthy weight. All in all I'm getting healthier.

I wrote this yesterday. It's about events of last year, the healing process things like that.

After you left.

I stood in a barren land
An arid place
After you left
I wasn’t ready
But it was not your fault
That I’d grown up in the dark
The healing came like the rain;
Uncomfortable but good
Then the plants grew
Finally the sun comes out
Tags: poetry/prose, positivity
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