pookielocks (pookielocks) wrote in _survivors_,

My Survivor Message Board (the link is behind the cut, so you can choose to view it or not. I'm not here to steal members.

It has been really thriving since I opened it in May of 2006, but these past 2 weeks, when I've really needed someone, almost no one has posted. It's getting dreary in there, and it makes me feel sad that something I really want to use to help others as well as myself has taken a turn for the worst. It makes me feel kind of like a failure, even though i technically know it has nothing to do with me. Can anyone think of any suggestions I can do to lift up the activity of current members? I'm not really sure where to reach new members either withuot coming off sounding like a spammer. I'm not.


And, I want to personally thank Adam & Faith for chatting online with me when I was feeling very low and to Raven for offering up her im!

Taking Back Control Message Board
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