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my story

hi. i'm allison and i am a sixteen year old sophomore. this is my story. it was an ex boyfriend

in march of 2002, i started dating my "soulmate". i loved this boy like no other. well after a year and a half, things went sour. he pressured sex and almost raped me on valentines day. i broke it off a week after our two year anniversary in march. thats when my hell started. over the course of four days in april, he sent sexually explicit videos of himself to me over aim. for eight weeks, i didnt tell anyone. i was so upset that i almost failed my second semester. my life has been horrible since then. in june, when he left for europe, i was talking to my mom and it just spilled out. i refused to show her so when i was at a friends house, she destroyed my computer looking for it. my family and i decided to press charges only after his father refused to aknowlege what happened when he promised he'd do something. he was charged with four felonies but because he is under 18, they will not stay on his record. he is on the wisconsin sex offender registry but because he is a juvenile, the public will NEVER know. i feel like my life has been destroyed. my family life has suffered, my parents fightconstantally because of the econonic situation. (celexa and adderall isnt cheap) my friends hate each other, all the people i love hate me. i lost my band, i lost my life due to such a pompous asshole. the worst part, he goes on like it never happened. he told th epolice i filmed the tapes so i was called in and they actually QUESTIONED me. what the hell. the courts ordered him to pay me for my medical treatment but he refuses so not only do i have to go through all of this, i have to file a lawsuit because my family can barely pay the $10,000 plus bills. i am not allowed to mention his name but i may use RR3 because that is his intials. i feel like i am silenced unable to talk about the horror in my life. i was diagnosed with PTSD, depression and triggered ADD and by wisconsin law am required to seek mental health treatment once a month. i go twice a week. these high school years suck. i feel like i have nowhere to go anymore. i lost trust.
Tags: filing a report, introductions, sexual harassment
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