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This might be triggering, so I hope I did this right.

Do you ever get so mad and overwelmed that you just want to scream and curse out the person who is upsetting you? I don't curse in the fist place...
My stupid mom got us $50000+ and she smokes a lot so she's constantly in the now. My dad curses at me every now-and-then...he's been doing it a lot more lately. I try to hard to make both of them happy and all they tell me is "it doesn't matter what you do it matters what you don't do". It's so f***ing frustrating. What the h**** do I have to do?

I'm homeschooled, my mom is supposed to be my teacher, she works full time...and now she's is the stupid hospital. I'm flunking Algebra 2, my average is D-, F+...all my other grades are slowly dropping. I'm supposed to go to college next year!!! She won't let me go to public school!

I was sexually assaulted four years ago and neither of my parents are able to talk to me and help me. My dad doesn't know what to say and my mom had stuff happen to her is the past so she has a hard time talking to me.

My boy friend of three years dumped me, so I'm dealing with that. He was mentally my past sexual assault is coming back. All the memories, all the fears, all the guilt all the pain, everything. They say time heals everything...but I think I've been jyped (I know I spelled it wrong)...time's healed nothing.

Sorry about all that. I need someone to talk to. I don't know what to do. This is driving me freaking crazy...I can't keep hiding all my pain like I always do.

I need some help. I don't know what to do!

Tags: family, sexual assault, venting

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