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Weekly thought stirring: Communication (public) 
6th-Feb-2007 06:47 pm
Bear got your back
As survivors, one of the things we rely on in recovery is communication. Being able to communicate to someone else what you've been through, what you're going through, and how you're feeling is so very important. It's also important for our supporters and families to be able to communicate with us, to be able to reach us when we're upset.

However, when we remember pieces of our abuse, our higher-brain function begins to shut down. Our higher brain function controls things like speech, vocabulary, etc. which makes it all the harder for us to communicate what's going on when people most need to know.

One of the ways to communicate that we've already discussed is the idea of "keywords". Keywords are words you choose ahead of time to mean something specific. For example, if you are triggered and having a flashback, picking a specific word like "trigger" or even something less obvious like, "Poodle" can let our supporters know what's going on, without feeling like you're going to be exposed to everyone who's around.

Aside from talking, other means of communication can be things like: particular songs to express your mood, painting, drawing, writing, etc. Anything that works well for you to express how you're feeling or what you're remembering can be a big help!

So this week we'll be talking about communication, how you communicate best, and how best people can communicate with you.

This week's questions:
- Do you find it difficult to communicate? When is it the most difficult?
- How best do you communicate with others?
- How best could others communicate to you?
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