Critter (banka_flavored) wrote in _survivors_,

I dont know what to do

I have a situation.

I'm scared for my friend and her siblings. I'm actually terrified for her and them. She lives in Canada, I have been talking to her for years on the phone and such. And this summer i will be meeting her. She's a beautiful person inside and out, and i have grown to have so much trust with her (although its hard for me to truly trust anyone). We have alot in common, we both draw, and we have both been through various forms of abuse. She has never been raped though, and I'm glad for that.

But this is why i am so scared for her. She lives with her mother, who started dating this man. Their family was letting them stay in their house, but pay rent. They soon made the rent go up to this unreasonable price for living. So besides dating this man, she signed for a house with him. And they all moved in with him. All was fine, until this man started to get extremely abusive. He flings the younger daughter around, screams and insults all of them, and asks my friend close personal sexual questions. Besides staring at my friends breasts, asking her to look at his porn collection, and various other uncomfortable things. Now my friend, has been abused by her father. She has gone through SO much abuse, and now has to live with this maniac. Her mother will do nothing about it. And if she called the cops, it would probably make things worse, and the cops would not listen to her because of the mother siding with the boyfriend most likely. And the other siblings being too afraid.

I told my friend, i would pay for her ticket to come live with me. She is working a job and trying to get into an art college, meanwhile busting her ass in school and getting 100's on every test, and they make her clean the house many times a day. Yet her mom lets this monster abuse her own children. Years ago they all had to live in a woman's shelter because of her father. Now they live in an equally horrible situation. I'm deathly afraid one day i will get a call with her saying "He raped me" and i don't know what to do. She said if she didn't get into this college, she would come live with me. But i don't want her to wait that long. I want her to live with me. But its up to her.

I just don't know what to do, I'm so scared for her.

Tags: abuse: covert, abuse: verbal, seeking support: for a friend

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