hollow_warrior (hollow_warrior) wrote in _survivors_,

Trying to decide if I  should call my friend or let her contact me.  I'm very nervous about it, getting better though.
Strange how this kind of thing can magnify what I am missing, but also solidly remind me of all the reasons I am with my partner and why I treasure us. 
I also realized that my friend triggers my neurosis.  I knew back when we first met that we'd never work.  I still see it now.  If we ever did date I think she would play on my emotional abuse scars way too much.  It's amazing that I can calmly sit and discuss this with my partner
So how should I approach my friend?    How do I reconscile the fact that I am attracted to my friend but logically don't want it, that I love my partner more than anything, but that I need more?

My partner brought up the idea of therapy last week.  Thats one of the first times she has brought it up on her own.  Maybe this could be a catalyst that help her find counselling. 
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