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when things don't go right where do i turn to?

i can't help but think that i should be in the the hospital right now. things aren't right in my head. I thinking of death and i'm thinking about leaveing things... like leaveing the whole dallas area. would people even miss me? that and things things aren't right period. i just quit my job because of well things just got out of hand, i was going over my 25 pound limit, and then she called me a blind bitch because i couldn't see what she wanted me to do, it wasn't my fault. It was so much more at the same at the same time. i was so tired of all the bull shit that they were putting me through on a daily basis, or atleast when i was working. And now im on the hunt for a new job. it shouldn't be that hard. and if it is. i've got ssi for the time being to tide me over. 
tis not fair what lays infront of me. i wish i was more stable then i am. but it never seems to happen the way i long for it to. -sighs- tis the way it always seems to work.
i'm done ranting now. sorry for this.
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