Shadow Flying In Daylight (sistahraven) wrote in _survivors_,
Shadow Flying In Daylight

Weekly Thought Stirring: Support (public)

One aspect of recovery that we all need is support. However, the level of support and type of support that each of us need can vary greatly. For some people, being offered advice can be triggering, while for others, advice is what they are looking for.

It can be difficult sometimes for our supporters, as they can be paralyzed with the "what should I do? What shouldn't I do?". One of the ways that we can get the support we need falls under the "simple but not easy" category of recovery - to identify what support works best for us, and to communicate that to those who support us.

Support can come in many forms, from having someone there just to listen to having someone whom you trust hold you. Support can be everything from a hug to taking you out for a night on the town. There are many different types of support, and forms it can come in, and so it can be difficult to pinpoint a few that work well. So this week, we'll talk about what types of support work best for you

This week's questions are:
- How do you best like being supported? Do you just want an ear to listen or do you prefer to receive advice? Do you want to be held, or do you prefer no physical contact, etc.
- Which means of supporting you are least helpful?
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