painstainedeyes (painstainedeyes) wrote in _survivors_,

well, I knew it was too good to be true... Bryan and I broke up last night because I found out that he tried to pick up my cousin (she didn't know we were dating so I knew she was actually telling the truth) so I asked him and he denied it at first, but then he finally admitted it to me, and I told him, "If you are going to try to cheat on me at least make sure they're not related to me first you dumb ass!" and then that was that he tried to call back to my moms but my mom told him where to go with his phone call lol.. it was actually kind of funny... haha and in a weird sort of way it made me feel a little connected to my mom...?... Which is really weird because we typically don't get along or feel "connected" hmm oh well..
Tags: fight with partner, relationships

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