Haullie Free (haulliefree) wrote in _survivors_,
Haullie Free

Submit Your Tori Amos Stories

Hey Friends,

The Survivor Digest is looking for Tori Amos stories for the up-coming edition zine being released in February.
Our next edition is going to be Tori-Inspired so for all you Tori fans out there please feel free to join in.

I'm looking for inspirational stories, how her lyrics make you feel, meet and greet stories, what influence her music has on your life...whatever you want. If you're interested in submitting a Tori story for the Digest please send your...

1. Name / Nickname or Username
2. E-Mail Address
(specify whether you want it displayed or not)
3. Tori Story

TO: submissions@voicesofstrength.org

Please don't make your stories more than 50 lines. Thank you SO much! Much love to you all.

Love, Haullie

P.S. Special thank you to Stef (sav) who is designing the Tori Amos cover for the February Digest. Her talent and support our boundless.
Tags: awareness
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