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I got my huge henna-inspired side piece tattoo filled in last night. It was painful, but hey, it's a tattoo. Something happened towards the end of it though. Basically, I took on too much at once (I have no fat or muscle, I'm very tiny and the tattoo is basically across my ribs), and my body ended up freaking out on me. I cried a lot, because the pain triggered me, because it was too intense. And I don't cry, I didn't even cry at my father's funeral. But I guess I needed to let everything I've been carrying inside me out last night.

I've never really had anything that's triggered me before. I've never had flashbacks or body memories, or anything like that. I'm just confused in general as to why I had such an outburst last night. Does anyone have any advice or ideas?
Tags: processing, seeking opinions, tattoo
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