livinginhell5 (livinginhell5) wrote in _survivors_,

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sad beyond no return

sad  is just an under statement as many of you know my best friend past away in october. well his birthday is on christmas and all i can do is think about him i have been crying for 4 hours straight now i'm pissed that he left that he's gone and i never got the chances to say my good byes i'm hurting so much right now. i feel abonden an so weak right now all i have been doing is writting but it just makes me cry more i'm sick n tired of listening to people tell me just get over it, move on, o well shit happens. it litteraly makes me wanna puke. i feel like i can't do this anymore like i'm stuck in slow motion an suffocating 

i just feel like I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE
Tags: abandonment issues, anniversaries, depression
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