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thank you for all the support. after i posted last, i got an email from the guy and it reiterated that he was going to send me this gift regardless of what i wanted. that followed me freaking out even more, and sending the email to my supports on campus. by unanimous agreement, i contacted the campus police as well as the univresity judicial system about this, talking/meeting with both sources today. my supervisor at my housing job also got in touch with in response to my request, and he has been incredibly supportive throughout all this... promising me that this guy and i will never again be in the same area work-wise, and that his supervisor and the director know about it. the director issues a directive to cease communication with me to the guy effective immediately. the judical council director also is preparing a letter of decist... making it so he cannot contact me at all without facing repercussions.

and somewhere along the way it was no longer referred to "option 3," which was the 3rd possible explanation for these happenings that one of my supports gave me monday night... and into a "he's stalking you." not so sure how i feel about that... but hopefully it's over. it's out of my control, but it's no longer just in his either. if he does anything else, then the powers that be that i've talked to can bring about serious repercussions... so it's more in their power than anyone else's. and i'm fine with that.

it's been a long day of talking to a lot of people... but hopefully... hopefully... this chapter has come to a close.
Tags: confronting abuser, contact with abuser, school, stalking

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