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I drew them out on my knee, with a sharpie, this is what I want done in Dublin.Most people dont like it, but w/e. I like them. They have a story that only me and the two people it involove would understand.

This one is England. For Ashley. 

The Star, really just cause I like stars, no other reason why. But that thing in it, is an outline of England, Where Ashley lives. 
He is from Nottingham, and I met him online, like Andrew. Andrew introduced me to him. And ever since me and Ash are so close.
I went to England to see him. My first time out of the country and I was so excited. At the time I knew him for about a year and a half, and he was with me through the hardest time (yet) in my life. When I first started to talk about my abuse, my Anorexia recovery, the highest point in my life of cutting, all the legal shit that happend when my mom found out I was molested, than said she would not stand with me if I wanted to press charges, that I would have to do it alone.
Ash is like my little brother. Hews comming to see me this August for two weeks, which will be his first time out of his country.
I love Ash so much, hes helped me so much in these past two years.
This is why I want to get a tattoo for him.

And this one is an outline of Ireland, for Andrew.
You all know Andrew. Im sure. Most, if not all of my posts are about him. He is...the one person I love most in this world. I've known him for two years, like ashley, as of January 2.I met him offline, on the same site as Ashley. 
He has completly changed who I was and what I want out of life. He saved my life, pretty much literally. 
Again, like in the last post, I never thought I would live to be 18. And becuase of him and ashley, I have the drive to live now. They are my future. They are my boys. They are my support system 
Nothing bad matters becuse I have their love. I am theres. I belong.
They are...just...I wouldnt have gotton so far. I never would have told anyone about my abuse. I never would have wanted to press charges against my abuse. I mean hell, they make me want to still press charges (which I can until im 21), becuase they beleive in me. They make me feel worth something. Especailly Andrew.
Ive never met a boy more devoted to me before. He makes me feel beautiful without having to say anything.
Im going to see him soon, well not soon...but in the future...And that will be the best time Ive ever had.
I want to marry this kid. Which is why I call him my fiancee, becuase he did actrually propose to me while I was in Kinda funny story, wasnt really true, but it stuck and he means it now. So...idk.
This boy literally...picked up the broken pieces of my life...and put me back together.
I love him so much. He is my world.
That is why I want this other tattoo..

To cut it VERY short, thats the reasons, and the story behind them. I want them on my hips, one on each side above my  hipbones.
Im not really scared. I know it will hurt, but they are no bigger than a hlaf dollar, so...its not like it will take up my whole back or antyhing. They are worth it. Easily hidden adn Easily Shown.

Some people say this is the same thing as getting their name tattoo'd one me.
I dont see how...and I would never EVER do that.
This is a major time in my life. They are a turning point in my life, and just as important in the story as my abuser himself. They are everything to me. I am not complete without my boys...

What do you think?

-Drawing is on my knee like I said, not the best quality picture, but what do you expect from a 50$ web cam?
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