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i work with a rapist...

i just need to get this off my chest. it's kind of a rant i guess you could say. i read everyone's posts, but i hardly ever comment since i really dont know what to say half the time. and i wanna tell you all that youre all so supportive and brave for everything youve all went through.

ok. 1st a little background. my name's katya. i graduated from indiana university and i really wanna go to law school, i just have to take a couple classes to raise my gpa so i can get in. i was thinking of being a defense lawyer, but i'm not sure i, because i may wanna be a prosecutor. havent decided yet. currently i'm an assistant manager at taco bell (seriously the only thing keeping me there is the great $$ and the awesome people i work with). i was raped 6 years ago in college, and i still have some trouble dealing with things. mainly hispanic guys (since both my rapists were hispanic, i'm kinda iffy around them).

anyway, i was made to hire this guy. his real name isnt even the one he used on the application. when i interviewed him he was so creepy (you could feel his creepiness from across the room). i got this creepy feeling from him the entire time i was talking to him. i told him i'd have to ask my boss, which is procedure. it isnt, but i wanted to tell her NOT to let this guy get hired because he was creepy. she said "you need another closer! hire him." so reluctantly i did. i wouldnt have if he hadnt heard her say "hire him." i woulda lied and said he wasnt what we were looking for.

come to find out he's a child molester and a rapist. but apparently you cant do a formal background check on the person without their knowledge. and i cant go up to him and say "hey, youre a child molester and rapist, i wanna do a background check on you." i told my boss what i found out (when he was going out with this co-worker's mom, he was caught trying to rape the co-worker's girlfriend...she was 10 at the time), she told me to keep it a secret. so what did i do? i told everyone at work. i wasnt gonna keep it a secret when i knew for sure. when the girl walked in and saw him, she started crying and asked why the hell he was working there.

well, the other day, i was talking about maybe being a defense lawyer when i can get to law school. i said "the only people i refuse to defend would be are rapists and child molesters" not even knowing he was listening to mine and another co-worker's conversation. he looked at me and said "rapists and child molesters arent all that bad. the girl usually asks for it." now, all the guys at work are very super-protective of me, so theyve become like my big brothers, even tho many are younger than me.

since then, he's always staring at me, making comments, glaring at me, etc. i'm forced to take it, since my boss wont believe me. HE's trying to get ME fired. i do the schedules for crew people, which he is. i put him back on day shift (i work closing / 3rd shift), and cut him to 10 hours for this coming week (our schedule starts on a wednesday and ends on a tuesday the following week). what does my boss do? she changes it to put him on closing shift with me, and gave him 35 hours for next week. she said she wants him to "keep an eye on me." because on my shift, i let people mess around and joke around as long as they get their job done. and since he told her there was a food fight between co-workers on my shift the night before (which was a complete lie), she wants him to basically be her spy.

i told my boss that what he's doing is basically sexual harassment and it makes me very uncomfortable. she says "you dont have a problem when any of the other guys at work stare or flirt with you." i told her "they arent rapists! and what he's doing isnt flirting!" the only reason i havent quit is because believe it or not, it may be fast food, but it's 1 of the highest paying jobs in the town i live in ($2000/2weeks...i make more than the policemen and teachers here), and overall i really do have fun and love the people i work with.

i just need some advice on what to do. ive tried cutting his hours but my boss gives him more than what he needs. he isnt a good worker, he's slow and after 6 months still doesnt know what he's doing, but i tried to fire him and i wasnt allowed. i tried to use the "if you falsify anything on this application, it's automatic firing" thing since he lied on it, but she wont let me. he goes by the name of Ruben Gaitan even tho his real name is Robert and refuses to give me his real last name. i found out his ssn is fake, his driver's license # is fake, and there's nothing i can do. the cops said they cant do anything (these are the same cops who didnt know there was a meth lab right next to the police station, so they arent so bright). he even came in the other night and threatened to "kick your f***ing ass after i f**k you up!!" and his fiance did nothing about it. there were customers who offered to make sure no one knew him or his fiance even existed if he ever laid a hand on me (there's some core customers who come in every night and you kinda get to know them). i told my fiance, and he wants to kill him.

i just dont know what to do about this situation. i dont feel safe around him. i had to show him the correct way to put trash in the dumpster (he really is that stupid) and i took 1 of the other guys out there with me because i couldnt trust him. i get the same feeling around him that i did around my 2 "friends" who raped me, tho i'm choosing to NOT ignore my gut feeling.

i'm gonna try to be more active in this community cuz i think it would really help me. thanks for listening/reading.
Tags: pedophilia, rape, rape: multiple assailants, rape: stranger, victim-blaming, workplace

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